Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where to Find HP Designs

The interview with Frank Hyatt has prompted lots of questions about where to find HP Designs canvases. Of course you should start with Frank's HP Design website which has the leftover stock of designs that weren't picked up elsewhere.

Frank also has an eBay store which has some real bargains.  Search eBay for the seller hpdesigns to see what temptations Frank has ready for purchase.

Julia's Needleworks has quite a few of Frank's beauties for sale, especially among the classic African and floral areas Frank did so well.

Amanda Lawford went for the classics, particularly the Asian and flower patterns and the animals with oriental rug borders.  She also picked up some of the lacquer boxes (second link).


Barbara Russell also chose animals and Asian designs but her website doesn't have the HP Designs pieces in one section.  You'll have to browse to find them, which is no problem.  Barbara's site is a delight to explore.

I hope you find one of Frank's beauties to stitch and treasure.  Thanks again, HP Designs!  It was great while it lasted.

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