Friday, October 31, 2014

EGA Seminar Phoenix 2014

EGA's Seminar is in Phoenix in 2014 and folks are starting to arrive. The New Jersey Needle Artists crowd is there already! First they visited the shops.

Then the classes started. Here's a bit about High Country Winter by Joan Thomasson.

Gale Washington's pulled whitework class Horus sounds fabulous!

Lois Kürschners Cathedral Rock at Sedona class is described here.

This is Navajo Blanket class, taught by Toni Gerdes.

This is Jasper, also taught by Toni Gerdes.

Several of the NJNA group took tours of the area.

Vicky DeAngelis has arrived and is having great fun.

And Sandy Arthur just arrived! Let the party begin!

Sandy's taking a class from the amazingly talented Alison Cole. She writes the most incredible gold work books!

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