Friday, October 10, 2014

Free Needlework Books Online

Mary Corbet has written an interesting article about sources for free online needlework books.

These are books whose copyright has expired (although the PDF copyright exits) so they are free to use within limits.  I know from a colleague's experience digitizing old newsletters that optical scanning is not like xeroxing a page.  The software that does the work doesn't reproduce everything well and often doesn't understand special characters like umlauts or other diacritical marks. Line drawings reproduce well but they can cause problems with the text nearby.  A human has to edit and proof the finished scan to improve quality (some originals are very faint), find the problems, and then fix them manually.  It is not a quick or cheap process when done well.

The moral is some of the PDF files you will find online are not great quality.  It all depends on the resources of the entity that created the PDF files in the first place.

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