Monday, October 20, 2014

Hair Stitch Ideas

This week I noticed the clever hair stitch Linda used for an angel over at her Split the Needles blog.  She has used two colors of thread and also allows some of the painted canvas to show to create realistic hair with a lot of movement.

Janet Perry also lays out a three step process to create hair using different colors and stitches.

I hope these resources help you create hair that looks like it just came from the beauty parlor!

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  1. Hair or fur - one of my bugaboos in np, and most of what I stitch involves it. I'm always on the lookout for stitch ideas = thanks for sharing these. I used Linda's wavy stitch (or something very similar), worked horizontally in an overdyed, for seawater. It looked exactly like I wanted - why didn't I think of it for hair? Next time...

    1. Yes, next time! Do you have the Beards I Have Known book by Diana Bosworth? It has a lot of interesting ideas. The French Knot in Texas carries copies as Diana works there.