Thursday, November 20, 2014

Back to the 1930s

Janet Granger's latest dollhouse miniature kit features what she calls the Crinoline Lady.  Dollhouses are made in miniature and they often mimic certain eras or interior decorator styles, so it makes sense for Janet to create tiny pieces that will fit into this or that era.

In the South we called this the sunbonnet girl. Apparently the official name she goes by is Sunbonnet Sue and this design motif originated as a quilting pattern in the 1880s.  I've seen a lot of cross stitch kits and quilting patterns featuring Sunbonnet Sue-type patterns and there are some charming rework designs that are more elaborate.

I did find one painted needlepoint canvas featuring a sun bonnet from Jane Nichols but otherwise I think the world of needlepoint design has walked right past the 1930s.

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