Monday, November 10, 2014

Colour Complements Does Rainforest Crunch

Colour Complements is a Canadian company that offers hand dyed threads, ranging from perle cottons to silks to rayons. Recently Lorraine the owner has been stitching Needle Delight's "Rainforest Crunch" using her own line of threads.  I think she mostly used perle cottons.  Here is the finished piece.  Isn't it wonderful!?

Many thanks to Lorraine for stitching blogging her progress using her own thread lines.  I really enjoyed seeing what color combinations she would use each month.

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  1. Jane, what a surprise I had with this post reading about ME :)! As I mentioned, I've learned A LOT with this project so hopefully the next one will go a little smoother. Glad to hear you enjoyed the journey. Thanks again, Lorraine

    1. I like to spring things on my victims! LOL I watched your progress with great interest and found some unexpected color combs I liked. (Orange is not generally a favorite but it blends very well with other colors I discovered.) It was a nice way to show off your threads, too!