Saturday, November 8, 2014

In the Market for Hand Made Scissors? UPDATED

"Sheffield steel" used to be a byword for quality handmade steel items. You can still buy a pair of hand made and sharpened scissors in Sheffield if you don't mind ordering from England. Ernest Wright and Son Ltd. is the last hand made scissors manufacturer in England apparently.  Many thanks to Tricia and Rachel For mentioning the company!

As supporters of traditional crafts, I hope anyone in the market for new embroidery scissors considers buying from the Wrights.

UPDATE:  I've heard from someone in the States who placed an order that was paid in advance and has heard nothing at all from Ernest Wright and Son and is now disputing the order with Paypal.  On the other hand, the folks I know in England who have ordered from them got prompt service.  So order at your own risk.

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