Sunday, November 16, 2014

Looking Over Sandy's Shoulder

If you are a fan of Sandy Arthur's stitching like I am, you are dying to see how her latest cyberclass "Mod Ornaments" is going.  Sandy just shipped the first lesson, so I imagine a lot of folks are standing by their mailboxes, impatiently tapping their foot.  Here's a peek.  This is a mystery class so no one but the author (Sandy) knows how the story will go.

The canvas is by Eye Candy.  Once the cyberclass is over, your local shop will be able to order the canvas and guide for you in case you are kicking yourself that you missed out.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. I love the ghost! Are all those separate stitched pumpkins and webs? Or are they sequins?

    1. Glad you like Tommy the Ghost! Those are sequins from a holiday pack that a friend shared with me. I'm not sure I'll use any of them but they were fun to scatter around for the photo shoot although they detract from the ombre background.