Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shading the Japanese Embroidery Way UPDATED

Hannah is working on a Japanese embroidery piece, and showing us Japanese embroidery techniques along the way that are unfamiliar to me.  Today's posting shows how Japanese embroidery practitioners blend two colors by adding an overlapping third color (or more) on top of the first two.  Interesting!

If you want to read more about the lantern plant project, click on the Embroidery for Ducks header at the top of the page, then read the previous articles.  I think you'll find the Japanese way of layering different types of stitches to achieve various effects as interesting as I do.

I found the finished design on the Atlanta Japanese Embroidery Center's website.

UPDATE:  Speaking of Japanese Embroidery, Coral Seas explains fuzzy stitch here.  Very interesting!  The second link below talks about the various stitches taught in the different phases of Japanese Embroidery, which I also found interesting as this is quite different than the way we teach ourselves needlepoint.

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