Friday, November 14, 2014

Top Ten To Master UPDATED with Sixteen More

Mary Corbet just wrote an article about her top ten embroidery stitches beginners should master--the ones she uses again and again and thinks every embroiderer should know because they are so useful and fundamental to embroidery.   Frankly, I use a lot of embroidery stitches in my needlepoint since I taught myself crewel embroidery before I taught myself needlepoint. In today's embellishment world, they add a lot of zing to my needlepoint without much trouble.

UPDATE:  This article was written two weeks ago but the morning it published, Mary added a list of sixteen dimensional stitches to her website.  So now you have even more reference material to play with the next time you need a bit of texture or oomph for your needlepoint.  Thanks again, Mary!

Whether you agree with Mary's list or not, you will want to bookmark this page.  Mary being Mary, each and every stitch has a link to a How To Video demonstrating the stitch.  Just click on the green underlined title and away you will go to a video of Mary showing you just how to do this stitch.  Just note that like needlepoint stitches, embroidery stitches have many names.  For example, what Mary calls detached chain stitch I call a lazy daisy stitch!

You call it tomaTOE, I call it toMAto, it's all useful.

Thanks, Mary!

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