Saturday, December 13, 2014

Little Bird Designs UPDATED

White Robin was teaching at Needlenook of La Jolla she was able to browse their Little Bird Designs trunk show.  Luckily Robin had her camera with her so she was able to bring us pictures of the new sophisticated designs in wonderful colors.   So here's Michelle Wyse's show, straight from La Jolla, California to you!

Charmed?  Want to see more?  Vicky DeAngelis is working on their "Gobble! Gobbles!"

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  1. You might notice that I talked about Little Bird Designs on November 22nd as I introduced Gobbles!

    1. I saw that! I think I mentioned it on the Winter 2015 TNNA tab, too, but I can't remember. I'll check again tomorrow and if I didn't, I'll add that link here. Thanks!

    2. Vicky, I found I hadn't mentioned Gobble Gobbles after all, so I updated the Little Bird Designs mention with the link added. Thanks for pointing out the oversight! I imagine I missed it due to my mother's death and funeral and of course all the holiday madness this time of year. Sorry!