Friday, December 5, 2014

Tisha and the Twister UPDATED

Needlepoint Tool Time continues its tradition of unusual and interesting stitching accessories this month with the Twister, a needle container that twists open like a lipstick and holds needles fanned out but held by a magnet in the bottom so you can pick just the one you need.   You can see all the new items in the video on the site's home page...

...or you can just click on "New Products" on the right and go straight to the Twister's photo and description.  That might be best because who can resist rhinestone scissors, or Annie Lane magnets or  My Favorite Laying Tool or a flat iron to straighten threads, or....

You get the point.  Tisha stocks a lot of great stuff.  Enter the website at your own peril.

UPDATE:  I found this video of Pyrm's Needle Twister on YouTube.

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