Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wonderful Stitches, with Your Host Diane

Wonderful Stitches: 320 Stitches for Needlepoint is a self-published book by Diane Schultz.  It's not a book I've ever seen although I've been aware of the various editions for a long time.  I just never got around to purchasing a copy.  That might have been a mistake!  I just found Diane's Wonderful Stitches website which not only promotes her book but has some lovely stitch diagram resources.

Take a little time to explore the site.  There's a free download of a sampler project (see right side of the page for the link),  and four pages of free diagrams in the "Pattern Collections" section found in the top navigation bar.  If you see an interesting stitch sample, click on it for the diagram.  Once you get to the diagram page, note that any compound stitches are diagrammed in several steps so you can see stage one, then the new stitch section in stage two, then the final diagram in stage three to make it easy to work the stitch in each step.

You can preview the first twenty-two pages or buy a copy of Wonderful Stitches via Lulu.  It is expensive at $87.02 but all self-published books with as much diagramming and color photos as this one costs to publish.  I don't know if shipping costs are included in the price.

This is something you might want Santa to get you as you have all been very good boys and girls this year!

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  1. This book looks great. Do you know if this book includes suggestions for fibers to use for the various stitches?

    1. Sorry, Anon. I have no idea, never having seen this in person. I would guess not. All the samples look like they were stitched in wool to me, but it is hard to say.