Friday, February 20, 2015

O Beads

A trip to Potomac Beads over the weekend revealed a new bead type--the O bead.  They are approximately 4mm in diameter, which covers around 4 tent stitches.  I discovered that size 14 beads won't hold them in place securely but size 11 (sometimes written 11/0) beads work very nicely without hiding the O underneath.  I can see all sorts of applications for this little donut-shaped bead, some of which come with two colors, one on each side.  Since you can't go to the bead shop with me, browse Fusion Beads to see the available colors.  I can highly recommend Fusion Beads' online shop, by the way.!O-Bead-Czech-Seed-Beads

O Beads and Their Tube
Here is how I'm using my brassy-gold Os, spilled out on the 18 count canvas so you can guess at the size.  

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