Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sharp, Sharper, Sharpest UPDATED

Nothing is more interesting to stitchers than finding just the right pair of scissors for a job. Recently, I've started to notice some very interesting cutting tools recommended here and there.  It seemed time for a roundup of specialty scissors and snips and cutters you might find useful.  Nordic Needle carries the tiny grasshopper scissors for precision cutting of just one thread.

Bohin carries an assortment of seam rippers and snips.  These are squeezable tweezer cutters.

I prefer a seam ripper myself.  These are also from Bohin and have a nice little case.

Lots of people swear by curved blade scissors for trimming turkey work. Nordic Needle carries ten pages of scissors, including several brands of curved blade scissors.  These are just two, a high end and a cheaper set.


Other people love scissors with a bend.

If you have a very steady hand, you might like the surgical seam ripper.

Whatever type scissor you need, hope you find something just perfect for your needs!

UPDATE:  By chance I stumbled across a mention of Kai scissors on Anna Scott's blog this morning.

Here is the company website.  They only carry two styles of small embroidery-type scissors and they are a little larger than the three inch embroidery scissors I prefer,  but I've always been impressed by Japanese workmanship.

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Donna said...

I, too, live my Kai scissors. Ultra light and uber sharp. Have multiple pairs of both types. And have some heavy duty shears.

Donna said...

Duh. Just saw it. Love, not live.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Glad I'm not the only one still with "jet lag" from the time change!