Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Toast to Beads

Suzanne just finished a wonderful Raymond Crawford champagne flute, a sort of New Year's toast of a canvas.  It's a toast to beads, with three different beading techniques to create sparkle.

The background is done in brick stitch beading, which is just brick stitch with a bead added to each stitch before you take the needle to the back side.  The baubles on the table are Suzanne's piled on bead technique, which is just what she says--piles of beads.  The third beading technique is to do tent stitches on the glass, adding a bead to each stitch before taking the needle to the back side.  After she finished a row of beaded tent stitches, she threaded the needle through the row of beads to straighten them slightly.  (Beads are wiggly things.)

Bet in person this is fabulous but cameras are notoriously blind to beads and bling.  We'll use our imagination in this homage to beads instead.

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