Saturday, May 2, 2015

No Flying Monkeys: Choosing the Right Needle Magnet

A great many stitchers like to use a pair of magnets on their canvas to park their needles between stitching sessions or when they switch to another color.   Being the fashionistas we are, naturally we like to coordinate our magnets to the canvas we are working on.  So when I started on No Flying Monkeys,  I pulled out my yellow smiley face magnet because this canvas makes me smile.  But isn't a Wizard of Oz-themed magnet more appropriate?  Let's see what is available.

Etsy is a good place to start looking for one-of-a-kind needle minders.  How about this little book?

If you also like to use sets of tools, this magnet, thread picker and scissors fob assortment might be up your alley.  (The seller has another Wizard-themed set and also sells the needle minders separately.)

I also found some wonderful magnets about 3/4 of the way down the page on the Down Sunshine Lane website.  They have the flying monkey magnet from Accoutrement Designs as well as some movie still magnets from Judy Garland's classic.   By the way, they have some amazing one-of-a-kind magnets here--things I've never seen before, like the little Cinderella carriages.  It's worth a browse even if you aren't looking for the Oz magnet I am.

Elizabeth Turner Collection has ruby slippers in their Big Buddies line of needle magnets.  You can see them in the first photo, second row.

Gosh, it is going to be hard to choose!

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