Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stumpwork Unclothed

If you don't follow reproduction embroidery, you probably don't realize that stumpwork figures are undergoing a huge revival. Thanks to the classes Tricia Nguyen runs through Thistle Threads, people are exploring stumpwork as never before.  Here's the link to her latest classes, by the way.

You can see the fruits of this at the Lady's Repository Museum, which is Rachael Kinnison's blog.  Rachel is creating a series of stumpwork figures to adorn her flat topped casket, which is a reproduction of 17th Century boxes.  The entry below shows how the clothing for the lady who goes inside the casket was created.  It's amazing to see the steps all laid out in one place!

This is another lady, who has a special piece of jewelry on her blouse, also built from the shoes up.

This little video shows the inside of Rachael's flat topped casket which is now done.  She will turn her attention to working the figures for the outside next.  Anyone who loves music boxes or secret drawers will adore this!

If the above interests you, then Rachel's blog will fascinate you.  She's creating two panels called "Dreams of Armana" based on Mary Chubb's book about Egyptian archaeology in the early 20th Century and is creating clothing for the current section--workmen carrying a heavy wooden box full of amazing tomb treasures--using similar techniques.    To see more, click on Dreams of Armana in the keyword cluster on the right side of the page to see Rachel's progress and test pieces.

I think we are in a second golden age of stumpwork, don't you?

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