Sunday, May 3, 2015

Who Knew Stumpwork Was So Intricate?!

Tricia Nguyen explains some of the things that are going to be taught in the repeat of her 17th Century stumpwork course.  I knew that stumpwork animals and people had to be done in stages but not that so much detail was possible. Check out the patterns on the king's pants and jacket.  Look at the intricate needle lace of the deer antlers!  WOW--there were 20 varieties of needlelace used?!

This is more proof that we should not assume our stitching ancestors had fewer skills and materials available than we do.    The opposite is true.

Here is a description of the stumpwork course.  It starts November 2015.  Costs and more detail are in link two below.  Don't tarry.  The class is limited to 150 participants.

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