Monday, June 29, 2015

FYI - A Peek Inside SuZy's Light Stitches just posted a photograph of the cover and two inside pages from SuZy Murphy's SuZy's Light Stitches book, which is all about using less thread to let intricate painted areas on a canvas show through.  Use the side arrows to see both photographs.

From squinting at the pages, I think the black and white diagrams of stitches are numbered to get you started and there are small black and white photographs of stitched examples to help you visualize how this will look.  There are also suggestions on where to use these stitches and SuZy's signature comments on stitching life.

I haven't seen a copy of this in person but I've been meaning to buy one for years.  I really like SuZy Murphy's books.  I reviewed several of them here in case you want more information about her books and how they are organized.

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