Monday, June 22, 2015

The Right Tool for Bullions

Sandy Arthur finds Colonial Needle's new tapestry point bullion needles very helpful.  She recommends them to students in her classes.

They come in three lengths and have a large eye and a blunt tip like regular tapestry needles, making them a good choice for bullion beginners or stitchers who don't like sharp objects sticking up at them from their canvas.  (Colonial also makes them with regular sharp tips.)

I'd like to add that as well as the right tool, the right thread makes all the difference in making nice bullions.  Try crewel wool if bullions are giving you fits and see if that improves the look of your bullions.

These videos on the Colonial website may also help.  They are done by our own Cynthia Thomas, by the way.

The best price I found for the tapestry point bullion needles is at this site, but I don't know anything about this company.  If your local shop has them in stock, pick them up there.

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