Friday, July 31, 2015

Common Thread by DMC

I've been receiving emails from DMC about their new Common Thread site, which seems to be a mix of charts, handmade items and DMC threads.  It looks like they are reaching out to folks interested in the maker movement who want to do it themselves.

Looks like it all went live last night.  None of their emails had a link to their new website but I managed to find it this morning.  Here's the link--

Have fun exploring!

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  1. I am not very impressed. First they have a link to the "Embroidery Experience" showing surface work, but then only offer XS patterns. Also inconsistent pricing (why are 4 of the XS patterns $2 and one $6?). They should also offer a PDF instant delivery format for their patterns. I do like the National Gallery kits, but wish they were something other than XS. Like needlepoint :)

    1. Well, the site is brand new. It's possible that everything hasn't been added yet. I think I'll wait a month and check again and see if things have been added. Are the National Gallery kits the kind without half and quarter stitches you can stitch on NP canvas? Doesn't look like it to me....