Thursday, July 23, 2015

Frank and HIs Needlepoint Pillow

Frank's Bathroom with Needlepoint Pillow

While doing something totally unrelated I stumbled across the announcement that Frank Sinatra's Villa Maggio in Calfornia is for sale. What is it that makes us stop and stare at celebrity homes?  Whatever it is, I'm glad I looked because I found a needlepoint pillow.  The motto on it says 'One Can Never Have Enough Dogs" and there is a paw print border and three pooches in the center with the lettering.  Now I have no idea if Frank Sinatra actually owned dogs (many of these homes are styled to make them sell) but I liked the pillow and wanted to share it.'s+California+Compound+Is+For+Sale?utm_source=yaho&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Yaho-LN-US-Desktop-Specials-Home-Frank-Sinatra

The house is in Pinyon Crest in the Coachella Valley and is selling for just under $4 million.  It was built in 1970, but since several people have owned the house since Frank had it built, this probably isn't really his pillow.  I did find a photo of his bedroom in another house and there are four needlepoint pillows there.  The two blue ones both seem to say "Frank" while the chair pillows say "You Dirty Rat" and "Don't Get Mad Get Even."


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