Saturday, August 15, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Judy Souliotis is Gone UPDATED

Folks are announcing on Facebook that Judy Souliotis is gone.

Well known for her silk and metal embroidery classes and her Asian themed designs, she will be much missed.  Her website has disappeared but I did manage to find photographs of some of her teaching pieces.  This is Ocean Waves.

This is Celestial Dimension.

This is her Oriental Flower Cart, done in Japanese Embroidery.

This is her Mating Season.

I don't know the name of this one, sorry, but it appears to be Japanese Embroidery as well.

This is Asian Journey, one of Judy's lovely teaching pieces.  I hope these few images will show the range and depth of her stitching.  She'll be greatly missed by her students and many friends,

UPDATE:  Gay Ann Rogers is asking folks to send her memories of and thoughts about Judy and her impact on the stitching world.  You may email her at or you can post a note on Gay Ann's Facebook page. These are being gathered and posted on Gay Ann's website.

UPDATED AGAIN:  Ann's thoughts on Judy and her impact on Ann's stitching world.

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LW Plano TX said...

Please don't post guesses. The piece you call Mating Game is actually Mating Season. It is not Japanese Embroidery. It is needlepoint on a countable Japanese fabric, Sha, using some techniques from Japanese Embroidery. LW in Plano, TX

NCPat said...

This is very sad news to all of the needlepoint world.