Friday, August 21, 2015

Let's Do Facebook, Part One

I'm sure you've noticed how much needlepoint information is ending up on Facebook these days.  Many shops announce sales and trunk shows there and post photographs of customer's stitching on their shop FB page.   Some shops don't even have a website, just a FB page.  Designers are showing off their latest goods via Facebook now instead of updating their website.  Many of the updates I post about the newest items that will be available at the upcoming trade shows are on Facebook these days.

I try my best to find a FB link that will be visible to those without a FB account but that's often not possible.  Not everyone wants to bother with FB, but if you do, I've listed the steps you need to take to sign up for an account.  Be warned:  these steps only work for desktops and laptops.  Facebook is set up totally differently on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets and the steps you take to set up and secure an account are much harder to do with these devices in my opinion.  If you plan to use FB on a mobile device, I suggest you set up your account on your desktop or laptop, then once things are going, use the mobile device to check in.

1)  Go to and fill out the Sign Up information on the page.  You'll need to provide a name and email address but you can set up a free email account via Google or Hotmail or Yahoo just for this purpose if you prefer.  They also ask for a phone number.  I didn't provide this information and I didn't give them my real birth date either.  I just don't like letting Facebook have information about myself.  I'm a throwback in that I don't like the constant tracking online these companies like to do.  I was never fond of Big Brother.  What you do here is up to you but I recommend handing over the minimum of information.

You will be asked for a password. DO NOT use a password you have used elsewhere or in the past.  I suggest you use a password generator like the one below and that you change it every month.  This keeps folks from guessing your password (which is easy if you use your birthday or family and pet names, etc.) and hijacking your account.

 If you don't like the randomness of password generators, look around the room where you normally sit while going online and use something there, mixed with numbers and symbols, as your password. You might use Barca-lounger8, for example.  Or maybe cherrid3sk for the cherry roll top desk in your office.  You get the idea.

Now that you have your account, Facebook will walk you through a little series of steps to add information about yourself to the account.  You can ignore all this and I did.  This is getting a little long so next I'll talk about how Facebook works and then help you lock down the account so it is secure and as private as possible.

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