Sunday, August 23, 2015

Light Coverage Stitching: Where and Why

Mary Legallet's latest Whimsical Stitch blog entry talks about light coverage stitching, which she calls "open work."  Mary explains how it took her a while to see the value of light coverage and explains where she uses it and why.  It's the clearest explanation I've read of this technique and worth exploring if you have always hated canvases that are naked.  Mary may get you to rethink using this technique--in some situations, at least.

I personally love the ease of using stitches and/or threads that don't cover to show off intricate painting, like a sky.  My current piece has a stormy sky in blended shades of gray, blue, green, white and yellow, which would be impossible to capture except by using open stitches that allow the stunning colors to show.

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