Saturday, August 8, 2015

Today's Smart Cookie Award

Have you seen the skin color collection cards from Rainbow Gallery? For roughly $8 a card you get a selection of six silks that work for skin and lip tones.   (There are also a selection of Halloween and Christmas colors, too.)

I've used these a lot when stitching people but recently I noticed how I use the same colors over and over so I run out of my favorites constantly, particularly when stitching a large design with lots of skin area.   I just ordered two new cards for myself and mentioned to a friend I had done so.  Her reply was genius--she uses the skin collection cards as a color card, matches the right shades to a painted canvas, and orders regular Splendor cards for actual stitching.  It's cheaper when you have a large area to cover as the regular cards of Splendor are roughly $3 each.

So the Smart Cookie Award goes to Pat.  You are so clever!

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  1. Pat, I expect you to put the Smart Cookie Award on your desk next to your stitching! LOL

  2. Will do! Unless it is edible!