Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Want to Cruise on the Queen Mary?

If you ever wanted to sail on the Queen Mary and learn about embroidery from people trained by the Royal School of Needlework, do I have a deal for you! 

But you need to move quickly as the Queen Mary retreat sails September 21-27 at Long Beach.

UPDATE:  This isn't a real cruise, but classes held on the ship with off shop tours and fun included.  I don't know if you are allowed to stay on the boat but wouldn't this be the greatest pajama party ever?

"Both Lucy and Sarah are well versed in needlepoint (both apprenticed at the Royal School of Needlework) and can support anyone who wants to use needlepoint techniques during the 4 day design class. With the current trend to mix in elements of metal work or stumpwork into the needlepoint, I would argue that this is a great way to add more embellishments to needlepoint.
The 3 day design class is actually being done using a dyed needlepoint canvas. Drawn and woven on canvas is much easier than a fine linen, and adds a different dimension to the possibilities in a needlepoint.

The Queen Mary is permanantly docked, it does not leave for open waters."

Still sounds like the world's greatest party!  Wish I could be there to have all this fun and education on a wonderful setting.

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