Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gay Ann Rogers Has a Sale UPDATED

Tomorrow Gay Ann Roger's annual chart sale will begin. Here's a hint as to what will be available.

This sale will be smaller than in year's past as Gay Ann was ill over the summer.  She's all better now but getting ready for a big chart sale when you're not feeling 100% means this will be mostly small heart ornaments only.  Still, it will be fun and something special is promised for Saturday's offerings. To get an idea of what Gay Ann's hearts look like and get a preview of what's going to be sold, go to her website.

UPDATE:  A direct link to the hearts and the crown ornament.  Warning: You will be tempted by all the feminine lovelies here!

UPDATE #2:  With the sale over, the images are gone but here is Brenda's Imperial Rubies Heart.

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