Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Frostings Club

Tricia Nguyen has announced her Frostings Club is now open for signups.

Tricia described the Frostings Club this way-- "Call it the Frostings Club. That is the working title at the moment. A club where you sign up for a year at a time and a box arrives every three months with a curated selection of threads, fabrics and trims that are useful in 17th century embroidery. Some are sourced from obscure manufacturers, some custom made. Many would be one-run only - once in a lifetime to get. The anticipated quarterly cost is under $100 and would come in a special collector box."

The club is not the traditional club we needlepointers are used to.

It is a way to encourage thread manufacturers to recreate historic threads for the modern needleworker by having a market for these threads.  As you can read in these links, this isn't easy to do.

These unusual threads will be particularly useful for those who are interested in reproduction embroidery, particularly 17th Century stumpwork.  But it's also a way to help thread manufacturers create something that hasn't been made in over 300 years.

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