Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Erin's Having a Bad Day UPDATED

Needlepoint Land's owner, Erin, is having a bad day.

UPDATE:  A clever Blog reader used Web Cache to allow us to see the now password protected posting.  Thanks, Anon!  You win the Smart Cookie Award for today!

If you have a little extra cash, how about visiting Erin's online store and buying something?

Better yet, visit the shop in person if you are anywhere near Stuart, Florida.  Here is where the shop is located--
    Address: 3836 Old Dixie Hwy, Stuart, FL 34997

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  1. hi jane thx for the groovy mention, i actually had already put this semi satirical post (it is a serious topic, of course, but i do use deliberately over-the-top phrasing in parts) in what WordPress calls "protected" mode late last night, after viewers of my blog had 5 days to read it in the clear. no worries, though. all a potenital reader has to do is email me or call the store for the passord, and i will be more than happy to tell them what it is. again, thx for the mention; i do appreciate it.

  2. the first link is password protected and cannot see it

    1. Apparently Erin has password-protected this article since several days have passed. I wrote this Nov. 27. Most Blog articles are written ahead of time. I can't manage otherwise!

  3. of course, Google cache can always come to the rescue. It's an early version of the piece, but without the delicious curlicues introduced later on. ;-)