Monday, January 4, 2016

ANG's SOTM for 2016

The American Needlepoint Guild's new Stitch of the Month (SOTM) project for 2016 is live on their website now.  It is a geometric sampler designed by Susan Hoekstra called "Feuilles d’ananas" (or Pineapple Leaves).

First, click on the Introduction.  A PDF file will open with a photo of the finished piece and a list of threads you'll need plus the diagram that shows where each featured monthly stitch goes.  You can use your own threads and colors, though, and the introduction will explain how.

Then click on the link to the diagram to the Four Way Amedeus Arrow for the diagram for the first stitch in the project.  Again, you'll find a PDF file you can download to get the first step done.

Around the first of each month a new stitch will be posted to the SOTM part of ANG's website.  The Introduction's road map shows where each stitch is used.

Have fun!

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