Friday, January 1, 2016

What Kind of Stitcher Are You? UPDATED

Needlepoint for Fun has created a survey to decide what kind of stitcher you are.  There are just eight questions so it won't take long.  (Of course I could answer the question without any surveys for those who read Blog regularly--you are an OBSESSED stitcher.  LOL)

Start here--

Send comments, complaints and laughter to the shop website.

UPDATE:  The latest e-newsletter from Needlepoint for Fun breaks stitchers down by the survey results:  Meryl Streep (62%), Tina Fey (32%), Garfield (4%) and Sean Connery (1%).

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  1. Cute but it didn't work for me. Said I am basically a casual stitcher! Not so! Fun though, I'm a sucker for tests like that.

  2. Ha, ha. Took the quiz and the results say I'm a "Tina Fey" kind of stitcher. It's so true. LOL.

  3. Bwaahaahaah - I'm Garfield!

    "Your stitching motto is "whatevs". If you like something you'll probably stitch it. Or stitch some of it, at least. No fancy tools, frames or stitches for you - it's enough that you picked up the needle in the first place, and you only did that so you had an excuse to watch TV. If we opened your closet an army of half stitched canvases would fall out. Your thread stash looks like something any self respecting bird would reject for a nest. You don't care, you just want to be left alone to stitch in peace."

    Not totally true,perhaps, but even my toes are blushing!

  4. I got Meryl Streep and I loved it. I am really not that good a stitcher but I do love it (and of course I check your blog daily)!

  5. I've been laughing at the huge range of famous actors you guys are getting. It's a fun survey, although about as scientific as Watson the Wonder Dog.