Sunday, March 27, 2016

Berlin Wool Work? Or Ecclesiastical Embroidery?

Hands Across the Sea is an English blogger who often talks about historical embroidery and needlepoint.  I think she's wrong that Berlin wool work is the same thing as ecclesiastical embroidery, particularly church needlepoint cushions and kneelers, but I'm willing to let her talk for the sake of the lovely pictures.

You will enjoy the video about making Surrey Knots.

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  1. Berlin wool work is just one type of needlepoint used for ecclesiastical embroidery. Surface embroidery, cross stitch, and needlepoint have all been used for the various items that are considered vestments, linens, kneelers, and tapestries. At least this is my understanding, which may certainly not be complete. But I'm pretty sure it's more than Berlin wool work. When I had my shop in Vienna, antique Berlin wool work counted-thread samplers were very popular charts to be done on linen with cotton or silk flosses.

    I'm sure there are experts out there who know more about this than I do.