Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cat's Eyes and Noses

After a bit of work I've finished my Egyptian cat's eyes and started on its jewelry. The cat's eyes are a focal point of this piece, being in the center of the design and being eyes, which are generally the focal point of a person or animal, after all. So I thought it would be clever of me to highlight them with metallic stitches.   So I tent stitched the eyes with Kreinik and outlined them with blue Splendor silk.  This shine becomes even more important because Egyptian jewelry is not sparkly.  The gold and gems on the cat's collar, headdress and earring need to be matte.  That contrast will be important.

Not familiar with Egyptian jewelry?  Then you'll want to read these historical summaries of the type and meaning of materials used.

Orange Shimmer Blend Ribbon Floss

The biggest problem I've had with the cat's face has been the nose.  First, I tried horizontal stitches using orange Shimmer Blend ribbon floss.  I decided that it was too sparkly so I ripped it out and restitched it in the same way with regular orange ribbon floss.  That just didn't look good.

Then I tried pale pink Flair, thinking the coral nose color would show through, but it didn't.  The nose is way too light now.  I ripped again.

Finca Perle Cotton from Prescencia
Next I choose the medium shade of orange perle cotton used in the background behind the cat.  Because this is size 12 perle, I decided I would satin stitch it vertically...

Finca Cotton Floss from Prescencia

...then I added a top layer using the same color in cotton floss.  Still too light in color and it looks sort of odd.  Sigh.  I ripped again!

So far I like my first choice of the Shimmer Blend ribbon floss the best.  I have decided to wait until the jewelry is stitched and then try that thread again.  With the jewelry in place, the nose may not shine like a lighthouse beacon and be too prominent.

The moral is stitch, rip and try again until you get it right.  If you never do, rip out and stitch another area.  One thread really effects the threads next to it.  When I try stitching the nose again, the least bad thread may be perfect. Or I may be ripping again!

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  1. Love the eyes! Pulls you right in!

    1. Thanks. It has been a fun project making the cat come to life.