Thursday, June 23, 2016

Threadaholic Alert! Au Ver A Soie 100/3

If you are a fan of Gay Ann Roger's counted canvaswork, you'll know she uses Au Ver A Soie's 100/3 silk perle* a lot.   You can read a bit about how she finds it useful on her website.

Then you can go shopping!  Have fun.  (By the way, I also shop at Needle in a Haystack a lot but if what you want isn't in stock, you'll have to wait a bit as they only ship once a week.)

For more of Gay Ann's lessons about threads, use the Next Button to read about other thread types.

*Vicky left a comment saying that 100/3 silk isn't a perle.  It is a tightly twisted strand, which is how I define a perle type thread.  But I imagine some folks think of perle threads as multiple strands twisted together.  Anyway, you can see  more photos of the thread here and decide for yourself what to call it.

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  1. Threadneedle Street in Issaquah, WA also carries the entire line.

  2. Au Ver å Soie 100/3 is not a pearl and after rereading Gay Ann's wonderful article several times, I don't see where she does refer to it as a pearl!