Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Catra: The Egyptian Cat is Finished!

Catra is Finished!
At long last my Egyptian Catra is done. This is a canvas from Tapestry Fair, 10 inches by 11 1/2 on 18 count.  Her official name is "Cleo's Cat" and she is one of a series of Ancient Egyptian-themed designs.  You can see "Bastet" here along with Cleo.

And here is "On the Nile."

There is also "Pharoah's Dog" for those who aren't cat people but who still love Egyptian themes.

Catra Framed

So you see Catra comes from a beautiful family, which made stitching her a challenge.  Ruth Schmuff has done guides for both Bastet and Pharoah's Dog.  Tony Minieri has done guides for Catra and Bastet.  How does one compete with talented stitchers like these?!!!

The answer is you don't.  You have to do something totally different.  But what?  It turns out the key for my choosing stitches and threads for Catra was to look for matte threads, beads that aren't shiny, and to add touches like the mummy and extra hieroglyphs to the background.

Catra at the County Fair
Catra went off to the county fair, by the way.  She won a first place ribbon but sadly, that's not too hard when you are the only needlepoint entered.  I can see I have to do some education close to home!

But first I need to choose my next project....

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  1. Catra is wonderful! I love the framing too! Congratulations on the does not matter if it was the only piece...they only give ribbons out for quality work!

  2. I love Catra, great job! Liz

  3. Magnificent, Jane. Congratulations. Interesting that she's so near that vibrant quilt in a similar colorway.

  4. Thanks, Cindy. The pieces are arranged by age group--I'm in the over 60 Big Girl section--but someone did a nice job putting that quilt nearby.

  5. She is beautiful and I have loved your blog stitching!

    1. Thanks, Anne. I'm glad you enjoyed peeking over my shoulder as I stitched, ripped, swore and tried again.

  6. congrats on a beautiful finish Jane! who cares if Catra was the only girl in the game - she deserves the blue ! take care Mel

    1. Thanks, Mel! I just sometimes feel alone.... LOL Hugs from CH, me