Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DMC's Stitchable Mesh Fabric UPDATED

DMC now has a stitchable mesh metallic fabric that is silver on one side and gold on the other.  Think silk gauze crossed with metal window screening....

It comes in 10 inch square rolls.  I haven't been able to find out what count the mesh is or how stiff the fabric is.  If you have seen this stuff, would you comment below or email me at chilly hollow at hot mail dot com?  I'd love to know more.

Many thanks to the Needlework Retailer for bringing this to my attention.

UPDATE:  Pat Correz asked DMC for clarification on how this is used.  Sharlene Dinolfo got right back to her, telling Pat it is used like an even weave fabric for embroidery, but it doesn't have a specific mesh count.  Sharlene sent Pat photographs of it in use which I've attached here.  Thanks very much to Pat and Sharlene for their help!

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