Monday, August 1, 2016

Goodbye Prairie Schooler UPDATED

Prairie Schooler has retired which means their needlepoint line is about to vanish forever. To commemorate their wonderful simple designs, Nimble Needle has put together a retrospective sale.

I love their Santas personally.  Time to start keeping an eye out for eBay charts I guess....

UPDATE:  My spies (see comments below) say that Hoffman Publishing has picked up the rights to the Prairie Schooler cross stitch charts.  Good news for us needlepointers as many of those can be stitched on needlepoint canvas.  Thanks for the update, folks!

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  1. Prairie Schooler's website says that Hoffman's has bought their patterns and is reprinting some of their OOP charts. So there won't be any new Santa's, but it looks like the old ones are likely to remain available. Did PS do canvases or did NP'ers just use the cross stitch chart?

  2. Hoffman Distributing has struck a deal to keep some of their cross-stitch charts in print, so that is happy news. Hopefully someone can make a deal to keep the needlepoint line going as well!

  3. Erica, the PS needlepoint canvases were painted canvases. I don't know if the designs came from the cross stitch charts directly but given they seem to be stitch painted, I doubt it. I bet they were adaptations or perhaps even originals for the NP market. But since I don't do XS, I can't say for sure.