Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This Needle's 50,000 Years Old

I thought folks interested in our stitching ancestors would enjoy reading about this archaeological find--a fifty thousand year old needle.  The eye looks like a cross between the round eyes of a traditional Japanese needle and the punched-out ovals of modern needles.

Wonder what thread floated in that eye all those years ago?

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  1. You certainly do find interesting articles!

    1. There are some fascinating things on the Internet. You just have to be a lucky researcher--and I've always been lucky when it comes to finding things.

  2. As someone who considered anthropology as a college major, I was intrigued by the article. I surmise the Denisovans used some sort of plant fiber as thread, and perhaps animal gut. Intriguing how tool users constantly push the envelope to find a solution to a problem. I was particularly tickled pink (!) when I read that this newly discovered sub-species called Denisovans contributed to 0.2% of mainland Asian genomes....hey, I may be part Denisovan!

  3. You know, you could be right. Those stitching genes have to come from somewhere, right? Glad you enjoyed reading about our stitching ancestors--who may be direct ancestors of yours.