Friday, October 28, 2016


BeStitched just mentioned something totally different from Tapestry Fair--Fugglies! What is a Fuggly? It's a cute little round animal canvas, stitched very dimensionally and used at a tote bag charm.  Ever wanted your tote to stand out at the local stitching group?  A Fuggly is the answer!

They come in a various of types, mostly bird-like in their graphic simplicity.  These would be cool all beaded and sequined, done in turkeywork, or simply stitched with fuzzy threads and then brushed to heck and back to make them furry.

It's a cute and different way to use your stitching when you run out of wall and couch space for framed pieces and pillows.  Well done, Tapestry Fair!

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  1. I responded to a post on Facebook I think about this. If you Google it, that's not what fuggly or fugly means! 😂