Tuesday, November 21, 2017

M.R.S. Embroidery's Trestle Frames UPDATED

Folks who live in Great Britain or who prefer trestle style frames will want to read what Kathy at The Unbroken Thread has to say about the new trestle stands from M.R. S. Embroidery.

Trestle floor frames are made to lay your stretcher bars flat on top, then stitch with both hands, one above and one below the needlework.  These look solid and they easily come apart to be stored flat against a wall, under a bed, or behind furniture.  Nice job, Magda!

UPDATE:  The shop has a Facebook page (complete with a photo of the elf who makes the frames-LOL) and will have a review from An Unbroken Thread shortly!  Stay tuned….

Here's a glimpse behind the scenes while we wait for Kathy to play with her new frame and write a review.

UPDATE #2:  Kathy's review~   Now I want some!

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  1. Hello Jane
    Thank you for the mention, just to let you know I can be found and contacted on face book under 'MRS Embroidery Trestles'. Just to let you know there will be a review of our trestles soon on 'The Unbroken Thread' website by Kathy who recently came over to visit us and purchase a set of trestles a few weeks ago, we can't wait for the review and hope that it will generate more sales for us.

    Kind regards
    MRS Embroidery!

  2. Thanks for the update. I didn't know you had a Facebook page, so I'll update the article to add that link. Congratulations on a visit from The Unbroken Thread. We hope your business thrives!

  3. Hello Jane
    Just to say a big thank you for adding our facebook page link to your blog, and to let all your followers know that we ship worldwide and we are more than happy to take orders from all those embroiderers in the USA, (we have even sent a set of beech wood trestles as far as Australia!) And yes...they arrived completely undamaged. Please do spread the word M.R.S Embroidery is here to stay.
    Take care
    Magda x