Friday, January 6, 2017

Learn Long and Short Shading

Trish Burr has made a series of video tutorials to help folks learn long and short shading, sometimes called needle painting here in the U.S.   She also has a video on padded satin stitch, which you may also find useful.

Thank you, Trish!

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  1. Thanks for putting up the link to Trish Burr's tutorials! I will certainly need these since I ordered her Forest Kingfisher kit from Inspirations "A Passion for Needlework". I may need an intervention - I am so not a fan of long & short stitch, but I am determined to conquer it! Arrrrrrrgh!

    1. You are welcome, Dawn. I LOVE long and short, particularly the part where if you don't like something and you used just one ply of floss, you can just cover it with another layer to fix the issue. Have you seen Tanja Berlin's website? She shows off how she does it there. Copy/paste this link and then look at the Animal Painting and Bird Painting instruction examples-

    2. Thanks again! I will check it out. I have done a couple of Tanya's crewel kits and her instructions are wonderful! Watch out world - here I come!!!

    3. I think you'll enjoy the needle painting things that Tanja does. She's a master of the technique. I always think about petting an animal and do my threads in that direction. It helps me get the lines to flow the way the fur grows. Good luck!