Friday, February 17, 2017

Travis Wood Paints the Meaning of Stitching

Rebecca Wood's son Travis is an artist in oils who just painted what needlework means to families for his mother. You can see the original on Facebook.

The painting is on exhibit at the TNNA show now and it is for sale, as well as reprints. If you are going, make sure you take a look at it.

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  1. the link is broken.. can you share the facebook page link?

    1. Sorry, Fox, but the link works just fine for me. I don't know what the issue is. Here is the link again--

  2. Hi, Jane - Link doesn't seem to be working/available. Is it to a closed group or to an individual's account? I'm really intrigued to see what this is based on the one sentence you wrote and I've tried various googling to see if I could come across it. Aside from learning that "Travis Wood" is the name of a baseball player, I haven't found anything. Any suggestions of other links to try? Thanks!

  3. Hi, Arlene. Sorry! This is on Rebecca Wood's Facebook page. Without being logged in to a FB account, you may not be able to see it. You might also have to be friended with Rebecca Wood. I cannot tell from her FB personal page what her privacy settings are.