Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Get That Perfect Perm

Ever want that perfect perm for the person whose portrait you are stitching on needlepoint canvas?  Janet Brandt knows the perfect technique!

She explains a bit more here.

To learn more about silk gimp, check out Mary Corbet's posting here.

You can buy the silk gimp Janet used here.  Smaller quantities are also available at the shop (second link below).

Fancy striped silk gimp is also available in two colors, three shades of each.  Hey! No twisting of two colors together!

Painters Threads has an overdyed rayon gimp that you could substitute for Thistle Threads' silk gimp.

Painters Threads also has something called Single Loop Rayon Trim which is their rayon gimp twisted.  No twisting or knotting needed!  Just couch it going every which way for a slightly curlier version of Janet's hair.

Time to try some of this stuff for hair, right?

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