Friday, May 5, 2017

The Smart Cookie Award for May


Recently I got a note from my friend Dawn who happened to stumble across a really smart shipping idea that she is willing to share with us all.  Here's her idea, in her own words.

"Thought I would share some info with you about mailing threads. A Facebook acquaintance of mine was struggling with As You Like It's Scandia Santa and asked me what thread I used for the turkey work. Since I had quite a bit of Designer's Dream left, I mailed it to her. I didn't have a large enough envelope for all the thread so Hubby suggested I vac-pack it using my food saver. I was skeptical, but we have used this method many times to seal up items for traveling so I took a deep breath and vac-packed a hank of thread. Much to my delight, the recipient emailed me to tell me the thread sprang back to it's beautiful, fluffy self when she opened the pkg!  

Didn't know if any shop owners have done this, but I thought you would be interested. This probably won't work on delicate threads, but it would certainly work on wools which are bulky to mail. "


This wins Dawn the Smart Cookie Award, don't you agree?!

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