Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Lorraine's Wildest Dreams

Lorraine of Colour Complements sells hand dyed threads in a large variety of colors and thread types.  (If you happen to need something really pretty and different, here is Lorraine's store.)

But she also stitches, and choose Carolyn Mitchell's "In My Wildest Dreams" when she was a beginner.  This isn't exactly an easy piece for a beginner because the stitches in the original version are on the diagonal, which is not easy for a less-than-experienced stitcher.  So Lorraine turned the stitches to make them easier to create her own version of Wildest Dreams using odds and ends from her thread lines.

This is Carolyn's original version (bottom of list).

If you are new to counted canvaswork, take Lorraine's advice and look for a design where most stitches aren't on the diagonal.  But if you fall in love with something that is really more advanced than you are, do what Lorraine did and make it work for you!

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
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Lorraine said...

Thanks for posting about my project Jane. It was a wild ride but am so pleased with the final results. Worth the perseverance although must admit that the final results are quite a departure from Carolyn's original design :)

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I think your final results are lovely and an inspiration to other stitchers who want to tackle something a bit about their stitching level.