Friday, April 13, 2018

Charley Harper Designs for the Counted Canvasworker

Charley Harper's iconic animal prints are wildly famous among needleworkers, so much so that The Meredith Collection licenses many of them to sell as painted canvases.  But what do you do if you are a counted person who really doesn't like painted canvases?  You turn to Ann Strite-Kurz.  This is just what Sue did and you can learn a bit about the wonderful "Brrrrrrr" that she stitched using class materials from Ann on Sue's blog.

Years ago Ann arranged with Charley Harper to turn some of his designs into counted canvaswork.  She has three classes based on his art and you can see them here in her list of available classes.  If you ask nicely, I think Ann will sell you the kit for these.  As Sue explains, her instructions are very clear, so you should be able to work these class pieces on your own.  They are not intended to be worked solo and you won't be able to ask Ann for clarification, but judging from the instructions I've seen in Ann's class materials and from what Sue says, this shouldn't be an issue for the experienced stitcher.

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