Friday, April 20, 2018

Needlepoint Stitchpirations UPDATED AGAIN

Needlepoint Stitchpirations, from Carolyn Hedge Baird

Carolyn Hedge Baird has a new book coming out today!  It's called Needlepoint Stitchpirations. The photo above shows the cover.  Neat, huh?   It is a pretty big book, nearly 400 pages, and spiral bound.

Here is the Table of Contents. What really caught my eye was the chapters that cover stitches that use multiple kinds of threads.  This is unique as far as I know.   Many authors will mention in passing that you can mix thread types with this stitch or that, but none really classify stitches this way like Carolyn does.  I asked her about this when she sent me the photos and she says, "My students love to use lots of different threads in one stitch (as well as lots of different ribbons on their finishing) and I do, too! So we do lots of those more complicated and layered stitches in class. The stitches in the new book are more complicated."

The Contents

Good to know, Carolyn!  Anyone who wants to explore more complex stitches or who wants something a little different for their stitch reference library will want to check this out.  Your favorite needlepoint shop can order this for you, or you can ask Chaparral, where Carolyn teaches, to get you a copy.

UPDATE:  Sara Leigh points out Tony Minieri is the master of layered stitches using multiple thread types in his "Stars for a New Millennium" chart.   He is definitely king of this, but I think we might nominate Carolyn as queen.  Anyone have any more royalty nominations for those great at using multiple thread types in one stitch?

UPDATE #2:  Here is what Homestead Needle Arts says about the newest book from Carolyn.

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Sara Leigh said...

This sounds like an interesting book! With regard to stitches that use multiple thread types, you'll recall that Tony Minieri does this a lot in his charted designs, especially "Stars for a New Millennium." One could say that he wrote the book on this type of stitching, but he has yet to have the time to write it! Hahahahahahaha. Kudos to Carolyn for categorizing these types of stitches.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You are SO right, SL! Tony M. is the master of this stuff. But until he writes a book (although I guess the instructions for Stars is fat enough to be a book) we will have to use Carolyn's!