Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Needle Puller

While looking for something else, I stumbled across this great tool on the New Needlepoint site.

It's a needle puller, perfect for tugging a needle through a thick mass of threads.  I hadn't seen one before.  It's probably not a Must Have but it's a very nice little item to have around, just in case.

Do you have some interesting and useful tools in your stitching stash?  If so, Tell All in the comments below.  (Or if today's the day Blogger won't let you comment, just email me at chillyhollow at hot mail dot com.)

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Peggi@Tapestry Fair said...

I always use a hemostat as a needle puller. It is especially helpful when you wrap a bullion too tightly and have trouble pulling it through. The best part is that you can lock the hemostat around the needle and still hold the thread when pulling. If your canvas is too close to the bars, you can also use it to actually stitch. Most hospitals discard these after use, so they are pretty easy to obtain.